American University’s EcoSense

Eco-Sense is American University’s premier organization dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability on campus, in the community, and in our students’ everyday lives through student awareness, volunteering, campus efficiency, eco-certification and political activism. We are committed to the fight against climate change by increasing awareness and understanding of the human impact on the environment, as well as conveying the idea that leading an environmentally sustainable life is in our best interest as human beings. All actions are aimed to incorporate social justice issues to create a healthy and environmentally sustainable future for all. Our organization will achieve these objectives through campus events such as inviting speakers, showing documentaries, hosting and planning sustainable information sessions, and taking environmentally-themed off-campus trips, among others.  Eco-Sense will advocate for the fall enactment of the President’s Climate Commitment and will continue to certify offices as “green” with our “Green to Green: Responsible Purchases and Practices” campaign.  We will also act as a driving force for getting AU students off campus and involved in the greater movement by informing them of conferences, habitat clean-ups, rallies and protests, and other DC-wide events. What We Do: Over the past three years, Eco-Sense has seen a revival on campus, making it one of the most active and influential groups at American University. We have started an environmental revolution on AU’s campus with the passage of the Clean Energy Referendum in the spring of 2006, the enactment of many aspects of the 2007-2008 Bikes and Biodiesel campaign, and the ongoing eco-certification of campus offices through the “Green to Green: Responsible Purchases and Practices” campaign. We also persistently and successfully encouraged the administration to sign both the Talloires Declaration and the Presidents’ Climate Commitment.  Strong student support and involvement in club activities have demonstrated the student body’s devotion to environmental sustainability.  Over 100 students attended our first general meeting of the 2008-2009 school year. Eco-Sense has worked closely with local and national groups dedicated to environmental sustainability.  By coordinating events, protests, and leadership trainings with Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Campus Climate Challenge, Energy Action Network, Step it Up! 2008, DC Woodlands, Power Shift 2007, and the DC Youth Environmental Alliance, Eco-Sense has been, and will continue to be, a major player in the national youth movement for a greener future. This year, Eco-Sense will work to hold our leaders responsible for moving us into an era of clean energy and a lesser ecological footprint.  This campaign will take place on both a local and national level.  After President... read more

Folliculitis Treatment

Folliculitis is an infection of hair follicles caused mainly by bacteria. It appears everywhere on the skin, in places either due to abrasion or shaving from clothes. Common places where you can get folliculitis contain face, torso, underarms, legs, scalp and back. Reddish rash, itchy skin, pus- crusted over lesions following the pus has drained a number of the common symptoms of folliculitis. Folliculitis ought to be treated promptly. It may clear up on its own in about ten days if a mild case is it. In moderate instances using a moisturiser featuring an antibacterial agent, might help clear it up. However, if the issue continues it is best to see with your physician. The physician makes his analysis predicated on look of the lesions as well as the rash as well as the treatment is dependent upon the reason for the rash. In serious instances the doctor may also prescribe some antibiotic pills, although if it’s simply localised he will prescribe you antibiotic lotions and ointments in the event of a bacterial disease and antifungal creams for a fungal infection. Besides the antibiotics treatment, there are a number of natural treatments accessible for folliculitis. There are natural remedy publications available that help provide you with a folliculitis free life and to treat folliculitis. In addition, there are specific home remedies (specific changes in your everyday action) that are not complex and could be extremely valuable in moderate instances of folliculitis. Let’s discuss these home remedies in detail: — Put a warm, damp washcloth in the affected place many times a day. — Use itchy skin to soothe. — Wash the contaminated are softly two times a day with an antibacterial soap. — Avoid shaving irritated skin. — To help a carbuncle or boil burst and empty more rapidly, apply a soft material soaked to the affected region in warm salted water for about 30 minutes many times a day. But, the ideal way to treat folliculitis will be to make sure that you don’t get it, recall ‘precaution is much better than cure’. To lead a folliculitis free life keep your skin clean, avoid damaging the hair follicles and wear loose clothing that don’t chafe the... read more

Ibs Diet – Foods & Eating for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

There are diet plans and many theories which were suggested for Irritable Bowel. In this particular article, I will analyze the key ones I have attempted, and share what’s worked for me with this particular state in my five years of first-hand research. There are not any Right or Wrong Foods The first largest myth I must debunk right now is that of “appropriate foods”. The reality is because there’s no right or improper food. And every digestive system is exceptional. And every state is exceptional. So, what might have worked for others might not work for you. In the flip side, what works for you might not work for others. In the novel, as well as this informative article you may decide to purchase, I will share a number of the common foods and recipes which were understood to operate. However, in trying to find the proper diet with Irritable Bowel, the essential thing is to do this with an awareness of experiment. Monitor your diet plan and see what works that’s right for you, under what state. The other thing is the fact that the food is occasionally associated with the issue you are facing right now. For instance, in the event that you are experiencing gassiness in the minute – it is clearly best to avoid foods that will aggravate that. Do Soluble Fibers Help Digestion? You might have read in a number of publications that foods abundant with soluble fibers taken in small amounts over time can help their digestive systems stabilize. I gave it a great, substantial chance because it is among the most famous theories out there. Inside my instance, soluble fibers did not help too much – although they did not damage either. I have read of several case studies where long-term use of soluble fibers has helped enhance the strength of the digestive system. Inside my situation, several case may have helped somewhat – but a big difference. My advice to you is to test out soluble fibers – cease within the week if it hurts. In the case it helps (or is inert), then continue this as a lifestyle custom. Make soluble fibers part of 1 or 2 meals daily. So, it could be a safe bet when in uncertainty to eat these foods: * Oat/Oat bran * Dried peas and beans * Nuts * Barley * Flax seed * Fruits like apples and oranges * Vegetables like carrots *... read more

Awareness of Autism – Is your child Autistic?

Autism is a neurobehavioral disorder that is observable in kids from the age 1yr – 3yrs. It’s not a disease, however a behavioral illness. A number of the common observable symptoms found in Autism kids are lack of attention and communicating abilities, followed by death of social interaction and at times demonstrate persistent behavior. Earlier folks overlooked this disorder if it existed inside their kid and weren’t so conscious of it. But now, together with the assistance of other social marketing and media means folks are getting to understand this illness in kids, and at least cease to think not or if their kid is showing any signs of Autism. Body: How can one know if their kid has Autism? Each kid reveals another group of features of Autism. At times you may experience your kid revealing some symptoms of Autism, however it will not mean your kid is autistic. Every kid has its very own space of developing; abilities are developed by some faster in relation to the others. The most effective way would be to consult with a physician in the event you believe your kid has behavioral aspects etc. a slow increase, with regard to education, It’s inadvisable to self-diagnose your son or daughter. Qualified medical specialists can simply recognize symptoms in an autistic kid, and it might take time to find out if the child has autism. The earlier this illness is diagnosed, it’s better for the kid to react to the treatment. The genuine source of autism isn’t understood. Researchers believe that it’s a mixture of external and genetic variables can perhaps autism’s cause. Like, no eye contact, no communication whatsoever, persistent activities, no display of emotions, hard of hearing, etc. symptoms that support autism in kids are Autistic kid needed tailored treatment on an individual basis and planned. You want to be patient enough to take care of not panic and autistic kids. Common Autism treatment & remedy for autism kids are specialized treatments, behavioral and direction trainings and medications. Autism medications are usually used to treat associated afflictions of autism like stress, depression, and hypersensitivity. Autism support groups also help in directing parents to take care of their kids in the simplest way possible. Read also Ibs Diet – Foods & Eating for Irritable Bowel... read more

Break Free From Acne Breakouts: Zinc’s Role in Acne Treatment

Zinc Oxide is among the essential factors in sunscreen formulations. It was preventing skin damage and is well known for its outstanding sunlight protection capacities. It’S the most secure as well as best component that protects the skin against long wave UVA rays. Sunlight Damage by UV Beams The sun rays are included of two kinds of ultraviolet radiation – UVB and UVA. The UVA rays penetrate deep within the skin surface and result in damage to the elastic tissues thereby hastening the procedure for photoaging (skin aging as an effect of sunlight exposure). It raises the danger of skin cancer like melanoma and also weakens the immune system. UVB rays hurt the DNA structure of the skin cells and damage the upper most epidermis layer of the skin. It is because they support the formation of oncogenes, genes that transform normal cells into malignant cells; that contributes to basal or squamous cell cancer. Skincare Advantages of Zinc Oxide Zinc is an incredibly vital element for healthy skin. Besides sunlight protection, it also helps with the treatment of acne and is useful for wound healing, functions as an astringent. Here are the ingredient’s possible skincare advantages. Sun Protection Zinc oxide provides exceptional protection against short wave UVA radiation, long wave UVA and UVB. , it’s the sole ingredient that protects against all three forms of radiation. Wound Healing Oral nutritional supplements in addition to external treatments of zinc oxide help to cure wounds. It helps with surgical incisions, skin ulcers, bed sores, sun burns and other skin discomforts. Zinc is required by the body for the synthesis of collagen, which is, therefore, in charge of the healing of wounds. Zinc is, in addition, needed by the body for the correct function of enzymes that further work to mend wounds. Read also Build Your Neck With These Bodybuilding Training... read more

Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom – Get Rid of Your Bacterial Vaginosis in 3 Days

The itchiness constantly bothers you that you’re sensing in your vaginal region? Is underwear constantly altering due to that awful odor and the spots? It’s been said that about 1 in 424 girls is experiencing bacterial vaginosis. This has been an annoyance for girls for ages. I’ve, about these pains, understood from personal experience. I’d bacterial vaginosis for about two years, and it was the most miserable period of my entire life. Whenever I was at work, I needed to visit the toilet now and then when someone could see me readily because, employed as a secretary, I couldn’t have scratched it. Not to mention that awful odor that accompanies it. After trying drugs and treatments which didn’t work out, I was so depressed by the idea that I needed to live with this for the remainder of my life. I was suspicious because it promised to treat me just after three days. But I attempted it believing I’d nothing to lose. So I followed after three days, sure enough, my bacterial vaginosis was gone and the 3 easy measures set out in the publication! Not itchiness, no odor. I couldn’t believe that something so easy could help me with my issue. I’m so happy that I recovered all the self-confidence I’d lost due to the state. It is strongly recommended by me as I understand it will work for you the same manner it’d worked for me. read more Enlarged Liver – Natural Cure for Enlarged... read more

Why Sinusitis Affects Your Vision

Eyesight problems and sinusitis may be related to one another. A lot of individuals frequently locate their eyesight is impeded. Regular dull eye pain, blurred vision, and watery eyes are connected with sinusitis. Bacterial sinusitis accounts for more than 15% of all sinus infections and sinusitis eyesight difficulties. Determined by the sinus that’s contaminated, multiple symptoms may happen. The most important reason individuals experience blurred vision is that all the four sinus areas are near the eye. The maxillary sinus is situated in the ethmoid sinus between the eyes, the cheek and nose, the sphenoid sinus supporting the ethmoid sinus, along with the frontal sinus can be found in the forehead over the eyes. A sinus disease may happen in all or any of the sinus areas. Eyesight is probably to be impaired when the disease is in the ethmoid or sphenoid sinus areas. Filmed over, and in a number of instances, double vision are not unusual in these instances. But, the symptoms don’t survive for very long. In infrequent instances of ethmoid sinusitis, the patient to reduce eye movement is caused by the pressure applied in the optic nerve. In other instances, an abscess forms across the eyes due to prolong sinus disease, resulting in irreversible eye damage without timely medical intervention. In young males with sinusitis, eyesight is changed as a result of inflammation of the ethmoid and frontal sinuses, in a state called osteomyelitis. The inflammation happens predominantly in the frontal sinus area over the eyes and may spread to the internal eye socket. Nonetheless, it is a rare occurrence. Common symptoms of osteomyelitis include watering of the eyes, squinting, and intense pain. In a bacterial disease that causes ethmoid sinusitis eyesight is accompanied by intense pain in the midline of the face and may also be impaired. In long-term cases, an orbital disease may happen, which propagates to the cavernous venous sinuses next to the pituitary glands causing meningitis or an abscess. Blood clots could also appear in those suffering from frontal and ethmoid sinus diseases. The most frequent symptom is dilation of the pupils. The blood clot goes to the venous structures around the eye thus causing reduced eyesight. Nevertheless, these symptoms are uncommon and happen just in cases that are long-term. As a result of drainage of mucously being obstructed, eyesight is changed primarily with diseases due to sinusitis. The nasofacial duct that’s next to the entrances sinus regions gets obstructed as a... read more

Enlarged Liver – Natural Cure for Enlarged Liver

An adult’s liver is all about the extent of a little soccer. Occasionally, but the liver becomes enlarged. This is referred to as an enlarged liver or hepatomegaly (hep-uh-to-MEG-uh-le). Enlarged liver is not a disorder. Itis an indication of an underlying issue, like congestive heart failure, hepatitis or cancer. The reason is depended on by treatment of an enlarged liver. A bloated liver is the symptom of many illnesses that are potential and needs prompt, professional medical investigation. It’s usually related to a similar symptom: swollen spleen. There are lots of illness that could cause an enlarged liver or bloated liver, including liver illnesses like hepatitis and several other ailments not directly associated with the liver. Natural Treatment for Enlarged Liver A bloated liver is the symptom of many illnesses that are potential and needs prompt, professional medical investigation. It’s usually related to a similar symptom: swollen spleen. There are lots of illness that could cause bloated liver or enlarged liver, including liver illnesses like hepatitis and several other ailments not directly associated with the liver.Mix amla powder–300 gm with dried ginger powder 100gms. Take one teaspoonful of the powder with water in the morning and the evening. Drink alcohol in moderation, or not at all. Booze may cause scarring, inflammation and fat accumulation in the liver. Liver damage could be lethal if drinking continues. Chicory juice got from roots, seeds and its blossoms is extremely valuable in the treatment of several liver issues. Its juice is usually prescribed to treat enlargement of the liver. Read more Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom – Get Rid of Your Bacterial Vaginosis in 3... read more

Simple Things You Can Do to Help Relieve Chronic Back Pain

Sleep On A Plywood Bed. Your mattress will keep your bed from sagging in the middle and do not worry, I do not mean a plywood mattress but putting a piece of plywood between the box spring and provide better support for your back. Back On A Waterbed. You might have had a waterbed when you were younger. You recall the kind where every move was like surfing in your bed, and you also can practically sense the pull of the moon in the waves. Todays waterbeds are a lot finer, with flexible, anti-wave chambers and due to the way in which the bed disperses without using nerve-racking pressure in your back, your body weight can allow for a much more restful night of sleep. Prevent Sleeping In Your Belly. The place that’s best for long-term back ache sufferers is in your back using a pillow underneath your knees. Make sure and make use of a great pillow that additionally somewhat lifts head and your neck. Curl On Upward. Infants have it all figured out. The fetal position is an excellent method to get a good nights sleep. To keep your lower body from twisting and putting pressure in your back while in this location, put a pillow between your legs at the knee level. An Ibuprofen A Day Keeps The Inflammation Away. It’s standard to additionally experience inflammation which can cause additional pain when back pain hits. Taking an anti-inflammation drugs can help decrease the number of the pain and the inflammation. Take An Herbal Nutritional Supplement. There are natural anti-inflammatory herbs in the marketplace in the event you would rather avoid over the counter drugs. White Willow Bark is one such natural anti-inflammatory herb and is available on the internet or in your local health food shop. The active ingredient in White Willow Bark is the same active ingredient that’s found in aspirin. For those who have trouble with ulcers or heartburn, you need to avoid White Willow Bark and try to find an option. Gravity Inversion Works. You make use of towards alleviating back pain, especially the lower back, a device that allows you to invert yourself for as very little as five or ten minutes a day and may work wonders. It’s recommended you consult with them before endeavor inversion traction treatment, particularly when you’ve got difficulties with your spinal disks in case you are under a physician’s care. For those who have been diagnosed... read more

Disclosing a Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy

Personally, I experienced this scenario twenty-one years ago when a consultant paediatrician evenly declared that my son would endure acute cerebral palsy for the remainder of his life, before ushering us out of his office. We looked up the significance of cerebral palsy in a medical dictionary and travelled home! Should you need to, although now, you’d make use of the world wide web? Why should you be handled this way? When one considers the devastation, which the deliverance of news, for example, this can cause, one would imagine, parents will be advised as possible and tactfully. One would also expect parents be given as much time as required to absorb the magnitude and intricacy of the info and would be educated in warm, hospitable surroundings. This definitely will not appear to be many parents’ encounter and to this date, there are a number of research posts in the literature, which present the disclosure of such analysis by medical professionals to be a continuous issue. One mom related a particularly poor case of the way the ‘news’ was broken to her when she described to me; “We were sitting in the paediatrician’s office and One mother asked his view of Ryan’s advancement. The paediatrician simply sat there with a cool expression and said; – ‘I am afraid Ryan is showing early indications of having cerebral palsy. One mother sees you in the time of one month.’ – With that we were requested to leave.” Another mother described to me the manner in which she was told about her little girl’s issues. “The best thing you can do would be to take her little girl house, keep her warm and cozy and attempt to really have a suitable infant next time.” Out of the multitude of parents to whom I’ve talked down the last several years, just once have I met with parents who were satisfied with the manner in which this scenario was handled. These declarations are supported by research, which shows that only twenty percent of parents are satisfied with the manner where their sons’ and daughters’ problems’ news was broken to them. It’s not impossible to do this job correctly as is shown by the analysis carried out by Nursey, (1991). Nursery reached a one hundred percent satisfaction speed in an experimental group of parents, who were told of their children’s’ issues in private and in a sympathetic, reliable and direct manner and who were given simple... read more

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